Nothing Left

Well, well. Here we are again.

You really have to ask yourself why it is that Americans will flock spontaneously to their local airports to protest their president’s illegal banning of immigrants but can’t be bothered to do the same in equal numbers to protest their president’s illegal bombing of yet another war-torn nation in the global south.

It could be that immigration falls naturally under the “racist-white supremacist” clause of the identity politics version of the social contract, whereas illegal wars that take place far away among “people of colour” who are on all kinds of different “sides” just cannot be comprehended in the “racist-white supremacist” analysis of the world.

It could also be that Americans of whatever political stripe are vaguely in favor of war because they can never really be sure whether it is for good or for ill, so best to just let the bosses have at it.

But really, the failure of the American “left” to actively oppose American imperialist militarism since the last gasp of that One Big Rally back when Cheney and Rumsfeld organized Bush II into invading Iraq is not a failure of any actual “left”.

Because for all intents and purposes there is no American left, just a simulacrum thereof consisting of online identity politicking claiming the leftist label and the occasional socialist-materialist leftist so frightened of the attacks from the Id Pol Vampire Squad that they might as well be on the radical liberal team themselves.

The Emperor has orange hair and bad clothes and zero effective internal opposition.

May we hope that Russia and Iran backed by China will step up where leftists fear to tread?


3 thoughts on “Nothing Left”

  1. I agree emphatically with the first two paragraphs, and wish to point out that those usually referred to as “Left,” are actually neoliberal Democrats, about as Left as the Nixon Administration of days gone by. Also, we have pseudo socialist organizations protesting and holding events on a regular basis opposing racism, gender discrimination, immigrant policies, etc. etc. They too have fallen into the trap of Identity Politics, so promoted over the years, not to say these aren’t issues of concern, but they should not replace “class” as a priority. There does exist a couple socialist and anti-war groups, true socialists opposing USG imperialism and hegemony, with little or no press coverage, and unfortunately they tend to have grey hair. Since Bernie’s introduction of socialism into the discussion during his campaign there have arisen many young people embracing the concept of socialism. The goal is to ensure they understand that “class” should be the major focus with major actions of concern within their organizations be on wars of imperialism. They should support other groups in relation to other issues, but they should not be a priority, as they act as a distraction.

    1. Thanks Karen. Like the “true socialists” you mention, I too have grey hair and I despair of the likelihood that younger people in North America can ever really treat class as the major focus of activism given the power and ubiquity of the forces arrayed against class-based anything at all.

      I often think of the comment that James Livingston made about Kill All Normies author Angela Nagle: “she’s an old leftist’s idea of what a young leftist should be”.

      I also think about the scene in the prehistoric film Cabaret where a grumpy old man refuses to stand while the beautiful Hitlerjugend sings Tomorrow Belongs to Me.

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